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Frequently Asked Questions
- When is the next Moonlight Yoga retreat?

11-16 of October, 2022.

- Where is the next Moonlight Yoga retreat?

El Chorro, south of Spain. Check flights to Malaga airport, as we are arranging a group pick up and drop off to/from this airport. 

- When do you suggest to arrive to Malaga airport? What about departure? 

Pick up from Malaga airport will be around 15:00 on the 11 of October (TBC once all the arrival times are known). Drop off to Malaga airport will be around 12:30 on the 16 of October (TBC once all the departure times are known).

For the arrival we suggest to arrive in the morning or early afternoon on the 11 of October to Malaga's airport. Or to arrive one or few days earlier and to stay in Malaga and explore it's old town. Malaga's old town is beautiful and is a close metro or bus ride from the airport.

For the departure on the 16 of October we suggest to find a flight later in the afternoon/ evening in order to enjoy the last yoga session, breakfast, lunch, swimming pool and sunshine! Last retreat we finished around 13:30 as the earliest flight was around 17:00 from Malaga's airport.

- What's the retreat space like? 

The retreat space is surrounded by mountains, olive trees and gardens; there is a swimming pool with sun loungers; training area with bouldering wall, rings, pull up bar; verandas as well as communal room with sofas, billiard table, board and dart games. Plenty of space in the beautiful Mother Nature to give time for yourself, to breathe, to grow, to unwind. 

- Can I come by myself? 

Absolutely! Most of our Moonlight Yoga retreat participants are coming alone and leaving with new friends in the end of the retreat. Welcoming and friendly environment with like minded people is a fertile ground to connect with other fellow travellers, yoga practitioners and make (possibly) lifelong friendships.
- I have never done yoga before, can I still come? 
Don't worry if you have never practiced yoga before or can't touch the ground with your fingers (yet!). This retreat is open for those new to yoga as well as advanced practitioners. Different yoga posture modifications will be given during the Yoga classes, all levels will be catered for and everyone will be playfully challenged and supported in their personal growth: physical and mental. 

- Do I have to take part in all the activities?

All the activities are optional and we encourage to listen to your body and do what feels good to you. The days might be long and intensive (yet fulfilling!), therefore it's absolutely fine if you decide to skip a morning class and to sleep in. You are your own boss.  

- What about food? I have some dietary requirements, what should I do?
Expect the food to be wholesome, nutritious, healthy and plant based. Please let us know in advance/ in the time of booking and our chef will make sure to cater for your dietary requirements/ allergies.

- What about hiking? I saw that there is one hiking activity planned. Do I have to buy new hiking shoes? 
Sport shoes or comfortable hiking sandals will be absolutely enough. The hike will be around 7 km long and might take around 3 hours to complete with stops along the way to enjoy the view, take some photos and spend peaceful time in sitting still/ meditation.
- What about the payment? Do I have to pay the full price in advance?
The payment can be made in full or a deposit of 300 euros can be made first to secure your spot and then the rest of the payment to be paid by the 11 of September, 2022.  
- What about your cancellation policy? 
We know that these are uncertain things, and it's worrying to plan things in advance. For this reason we are offering a very flexible cancelation policy.

If we have to cancel the retreat - you will receive the full amount including the deposit back to you.

If you can't attend the retreat and would like to cancel your participation more than 35 days before the retreat - the full amount will be refunded to you including the deposit, but minus 50 euro admin fee. 
If cancellation takes place less than 35 days before the retreat - your full payment amount will be transferred for future retreats including the deposit, but minus 50 euro admin fee. 
If cancellation takes place less then 2 weeks before the retreat, your payment will be transferred for future retreats minus the deposit and minus 50 euro admin fee. If you or us find a last minute replacement of your spot, then the full payment amount will be transferred for future retreat including the deposit, but minus 50 euro admin fee.

- What Covid safety measures are you taking to ensure that we are all safe?

We will kindly ask each of the guest (including all the staff and teachers) to do a test (and receive a negative result) before arrival to the retreat or to be fully vaccinated 14 days before the start of the retreat. Staff at our retreat space will ensure that cleaning is of a very high standard and that there is good ventilation in the kitchen and lunch dining areas. Breakfast and dinners will be held outside in our lovely terrace with the view to the mountains. We will also keep the big windows open during our yoga sessions to make sure there is plenty of fresh air in the yoga shala, too. Everyone will be encouraged to bring their own yoga mats. And of course the yoga shala and props will be thoroughly cleaned after each use.