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Hip Mobility Workshop at the Yoga Box in Valencia, Spain

Sunday, 29th of January, 10:00-12:30

In this practical 2h 30 min workshop we will explore various hip joint movements (external/internal rotation, flexion/extension, abduction/adduction) via mobility drills, yoga posture variations, movement exploration as well as with some partner work.

Booking via the Yoga Box. 

Hip Mobility Workshop at Boulder Shack Climbing gym in Southampton, UK

Wednesday, 1st of February at Boulder Shack climbing gym in Southampton, UK.

In this practical 2 hour workshop we will explore various hip joint movements (external/internal rotation, flexion/extension etc), mobility drills, yoga posture variations as well as some partner work.

Topics include:

Why hip mobility matters in climbing
Unique individual hip anatomy and how it affects your range of motion
Movements of the hip joint
Mobility: finding balance between strength and flexibility
Benefits of active range of motion
Sustainability in yoga asana practice

Designed for climbers (but suitable for all) to improve hip strength and flexibility for high stepping, frogging and heel hooking while climbing.

Early bird price: 30 pounds (if booking before 25th of January)
Regular price: 35 pounds (after 25th of January)

Booking via Boulder Shack website.

Online Hip Mobility for Climbers workshop (lifetime access)

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