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yoga for climbers Siurana

I'm Ieva Luna - yoga teacher, movement enthusiast, rock climber and animal lover. My self-yoga practice began more than eleven years ago in my home country Lithuania.
I attended a
200 hour Ashtanga & Hatha YTT in India, completed a 12 hours course 'Yoga as Therapy for Back problems', 15 hours of Contemporary Yoga Flow training with A. Hocke and A. Husler, 30 hours of Yin Yoga and Acupressure with tennis balls training; more than 10 hours of courses with Jenni Rawlings and spent the years of 2015 and 2016 deepening my personal yoga practice in Indonesia and China.
I'm currently living in Spain
organising Moonlight Yoga Retreats in Spain & Lithuania and sharing Yoga sessions for Climbers on my Youtube channel. 

I specialise in creative and functional flow style yoga sessions. Strong focus is given to anatomy and sustainability that ensures the well being of individual bodies and minds. 
I also love to focus on active movement exploration, building strength in the end range of motion & using blocks to spice
the practice up. 
I believe it's important to cultivate a curious & playful attitude while exploring more challenging yoga postures. To focus on the present moment and the journey, instead of destination.

Both on and off the mat.

Can't wait to move, breathe and flow with you! 

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