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Moonlight yoga retreats



Ieva Luna - yoga teacher, movement enthusiast, rock climber and animal lover. In 2019 I created Moonlight yoga retreats and since then have organised 9 yoga retreats in Spain and Lithuania. My self-yoga practice began in 2011 in my home country Lithuania and my commitment to deepening my self yoga practice and teaching has led me to undertake these training programs in the last six years:

200 hour Ashtanga & Hatha YTT in Rishikesh, India
- 12 hours course
'Yoga as Therapy for Back problems', London, UK
15 hours of Contemporary Yoga Flow with A. Husler and A. Hocke, Triyoga, London, UK
- 30 hours of Yin Yoga and Acupressure, Suryalila, Spain
- 15 hours of online courses with Jenni Rawlings
- 40 hour Non Violent Communication training with Yoram Mosenzon, Connecting 2 Life
- Spent more than half of the year traveling around Asia and taking part in various yoga and meditation classes
- Currently pursuing 300 hour YTT in Biomechanics, Pain science and Stretching with Jules Mitchell. 

Ieva Luna
2023.09.14_Moonlight Yoga Retreat-77.jpg

My passion lies in creative and functional flow style yoga practices where yoga tradition meets modern sports science. Instead of focusing on aesthetics of the posture my invitation is to look to the vast landscapes within us. How does this particular move feels within my unique body? 

I love to focus on movement exploration to get to know ourselves better, build strength in the end range of motion for a sustainable long-term movement practice, and use props like blocks or tennis balls to add playfulness to our yoga practice. 

If you have practised with me in the past, you might have heard me saying: 'there is no right or wrong movement', 'you are your own boss' and 'do as little or as much as it feels like in that particular moment'. 

Exploring more cha
llenging yoga postures with curiosity and to focus on the present moment and the journey, instead of destination. 

Both on and off the mat.

Can't wait to move, breathe and flow with you! 
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