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Yoga Retreat Immersion, 26 of April - 1st of May, 2024
El Chorro, Spain (5 nights/6 days)


Welcome to El Chorro retreat Vol.7 - same epic location, same duration, yet unique and slightly different to my previous retreats. 6 days of movement, yoga, connection, nature, new friends, silence in a supportive and welcoming environment.  

*More details coming very soon*


Retreat Space & the Surroundings

Imagine spending 6 days in the nature, surrounded by mountains, rolling hills, olive trees and gardens. There is a swimming pool with sun loungers to relax and refresh yourself; open air training area that include bouldering wall, pull up bar, slack-line, weights; hammocks are set under the trees; communal areas with sofas, pool table, darts, chess and other board games, as well as the open air yoga shala with fairy lights and big windows. It's a peaceful oasis to unwind, relax and recharge. Night sky is full of stars as there is no light pollution, and each day we are gifted with beautiful sunrises and sunsets. 
El Chorro is also
a world class rock climbing destination, therefore if you are a climber - welcome to spend your free time during the retreat climbing rocks. The closest crag is 5 min walking away from the retreat space (you can literally see those walls from the swimming pool). Another option is to arrive or depart earlier and combine this yoga retreat with your climbing holiday


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