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Why does this blog exist? 

Many friends and people I met on the road were asking me how do I travel the world so much and find various funded projects to participate in. I would always write a long message to them sharing tips and ideas about the projects they could apply to, rock climbing places to explore, yoga studios and vegan restaurants they could visit. And those recommendations brought them joy, they would tell me later. 
I decided to create this blog to share these little gems I find during my exploration that might be useful for your next adventure.
Sometimes, I feel ego centric to share my experience and therefore restrain myself from doing so. But then, if the information you find here, will be useful to you and your next adventure, it will make me happy. 

Sharing is caring, they say.

With love, Luna


Bali Spirit Festival, yoga retreat,vounteering yoga teaching, Bali
Rock climbing, Tarifa, San Bartolo, Andalusia, Spain
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Plant based vegan restaurant London
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