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Plant based discoveries in London

Updated: May 24, 2018

My all time favorite restaurant is Pride Kitchen, that was initially called Salad Pride. They are also gluten-free, refined sugar free and dairy-free (and yes, it is possible, and yes, they still create super delicious dishes!). It has to be on your bucket list if you live or travel in London. Actually you must come to London because a place like that exists.

In this photo you can see The Classic Salad below (buckwheat, roasted sweet potato, tamari mushrooms, peas, toasted seeds, mustard and tahini dressing) and Make Your own Plate of Love above (mix and match all ingredients yourself).

Bodyism is a yoga studio and cafe located in Westbourne grove in Notting Hill. They make the best acai bowls, that are not too watery or icy. I had Lean on Me bowl with acai (obviously!), vegan protein blended together with banana, almond milk and topped with almond butter, homemade granola, berries and toasted coconut flakes. Now, sitting in Spain, while writing this post my mouth is watering only by remembering the taste of this acai bowl!

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