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Yoga & Movement Retreat, El Chorro, 19-24 of September, 2019

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

That's how we roll at Yoga & Movement Retreat in El Chorro!

We hike, climb, laugh, squat, dance, learn, move, hang, pull, listen, support, swim, jump, fly, crawl, train, share and smile.

Music credit goes to: Moby - Flower (Bring Sally Up song)


After the first retreat in El Chorro in May I created a blog article (you can find it on my website), this time to change things up - I compiled moments together into one home made video. No videos of us actually practicing yoga, as I don't film my students during the practice. ***** So much gratitude, inspiration and motivation still within me for those six days of being, sharing, learning and connecting with El Chorro gang in September.

I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful, supportive and positive group!

Thank you Maija, Amber, James, Wendy, Lee, Rebecca, Yousef, Kuba and cat Nibbles for being your awesome you!


Next Yoga Adventure Retreat in this place: 25 of September - 1 of October, 2020.

With love,

Community Yoga with Ieva Luna

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