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Rock climbing in Puglia, Southern Italy

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Part 01: Torre di San Emiliano crag

This place was recommended by a local climber who said that 'arrampicata Torre di San Emiliano è molto molto MOLTO bello! Sparkles in his eyes and enthusiasm were so contagious that the next day we found ourselves hitch hiking towards this 'luogo più bello'. And what we found, yes indeed, was very pretty.

Tower of San Emiliano is located between Otranto and Porto Badisco and can easily be found on the map. There is a parking place nearby and it takes no more than 10 min to hike up to the crag that lies under the tower, next to the rocky beach and has 18 bolted routes on a brightly white rock (from 8 to 20 meters routes ranging from 5 till 6c in difficulty). The rock felt loose in some places, so climb safe and make sure that belayer wears a helmet.

After (or before and after!) rock climbing, hike down to the rocky beach and wade, swim and play in those tiny natural pools. We went there in the end of September and had all the rocks, Adriatic sea and swimming pools just for ourselves for the whole day. Even though, some locals said that its too cold to swim at this time of the year, from Northerners perspective, the sea temperature was perfect and invitingly refreshing. It even felt warmer than the sea temperature in Baltic sea during the summer months!

Happy climbing in this yet not too known place and enjoy swimming in those magical pools!

P.s. Climbing fellas! If you have a topo of these climbing routes or would like to share your own experience, send me a message or post a comment below please. I would love to hear your thoughts, so I could update this blog about climbing in Puglia! P.p.s. Also! Don't forget to purchase Travel Insurance that covers rock climbing activities. We used World Nomads and chose their Explorer option. If you purchase insurance from this link, I will get a little commission at no additional cost for you.

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Peter Johansen
Peter Johansen

Hi there. I just saw your post about this place in Puglia. Sounds great! I am going to Puglia in 3 weeks and would like to go to this spot. Do you know if it is possible to hook up with local climbers or maybe even hire a guide?

I hope to hear from you.

Brg. Peter, Denmark

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